Digital Marketing Career in 2020, 2021 Without Experience: Success Stories for Motivation and Direction

Digital marketing is one of the most sought after careers in 2020. As businesses scramble to expand their online presence, the demand for experts who could increase sales, viewership and audience online is rising exponentially. If you find digital marketing interesting and plan to make a career in this field in 2020 or 2021, here are a few success stories for motivation and direction.

$8000 per month

A guy named Joseph Lopez shared his success story of becoming a digital marketer and earning around $8000 per month. Joseph was not happy with his construction management job. He saved some money and left his job and started learning digital marketing. After learning SEO, digital marketing and copywriting online, his first step was to start his own website and start marketing and branding. He started marketing his services to small businesses, who needed help to expand their reach online, especially on social media.

Read Joseph’s story here and see how he built a digital marketing agency.

$12000 per month

After earning over $12,000 per month, Joe shared his success story of his digital marketing journey on Reddit. Joe started learning digital marketing, SEO, linking, social media marketing and related stuff online. He says that everything you need is online. Just be ready to put in the hard work. After building his skillset, he started cold calling local businesses. He got numbers from his local chamber of commerce. After getting leads, he pitched his services and his business started to take off.

Read Joe’s complete and detailed story with strategy and tactics here

From teaching English to digital marketing

Katelyn was living abroad teaching English. But she was not happy with her job mainly due to a slim paycheck. She decided to change her career. She found digital marketing very interesting. With a couple of years she learned SEO, copywriting, website development, social media marketing and all the important skills necessary to be a digital marketer. She is now a digital marketing consultant.

Read her success story here



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