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Don’t Let Your Kids Google, Let Them Kiddle – The Safer Search Engine Alternative

By any standards, Google has become too influential in the cyberspace. It is the biggest and most popular search engine of the current time. However, is it safe for kids? Probably not, and this is where Kiddle comes to the rescue. touts itself to be the safest search engine for kids globally. It has completely blocked explicit or adult content and phrases from its search results.

Kiddle uses Google’s safe search and human editors to make sure that that no explicit content and phrases ever get through to be seen by your kids. In other words, Kiddle satisfies that every page that comes up in their search result will be family friendly; it filters not only explicit but also deceptive content.

Kiddle says it is not related to Google in any way, and it handpicks their result from a search conducted on day-to-day

sites that may or may not have content specifically for kids. The search engine also has human editors guarding against explicit content on an ongoing basis, and they also simplify content on sites that are important to kids.

The search engine illustrate its search results using big thumbnails, that way kids enjoy looking at the graphics. The site does not collect personal information, and the site’s logs are deleted every 24 hours.

Parents or guardians can also determine the specific types of keywords or sites that should be blocked.

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