E-Commerce logistics solutions Deliveryman.ng is now live in Nigeria


Deliveryman.ng has launched in Nigeria with the aims of easing logistics handling for businesses and individuals sending items. The startup works as an e-commerce logistics solutions platform, where people in need of a seamless, fast, and secure last mile delivery can place their orders.

Individuals and businesses can go to the site and request for a pickup and delivery of items. After receiving the order, Deliveryman.ng sends out is dispatch rider located nearest to the point of collection.

Freeman Osonuga, a founder, and the chief dispatch officer said, “We are a value-driven, ultra-fast and same day delivery organization that is committed to meeting the last-mist delivery needs of online retail businesses, social media retailers, and physical stores.

The Nigerian e-commerce industry is estimated to be worth over $12 billion, with over 300,000 daily orders via various online platforms. However, poor, inefficient and unavailable delivery services are forcing businesses to shut down.

Our riders have robust dispatch riding experience and vast knowledge of the Lagos road networks. All our riders are insured besides being fully kitted with helmet, body armor, hand gloves, and knee and elbow guards.”

Deliveryman.ng is only available for now in Lagos, but they plan to expand to Abuja by March this year. Read more in this body armor guide from Safe Life Defense.

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