Ello: New Social Media Platform That Will Crush Facebook—– What’s So Special About It?

 Ello: New Social Media Platform That Will Crush Facebook—– What’s So Special About It?

What is Ello

Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers. The site is gaining fame at a miles speed and there are 35,000 hourly sign-ups and people are much willing to join this social network

Ello History

Ello was originally built by a group of seven well-known artists and programmers as a private social network. Paul Budnitz is one of the seven owners who own 84 to 86% of the site. With time so many people wanted to use Ello that the company’s servers were overwhelmed. And then the Public version of Ello was launched.

Ello’s Aim

Most of the social networks are owned by advertisers. With every friend you add and every like you make, your links are tracked and are advertised. You are then simply a product that advertisers buy and sell. Ello believes in audacity, simplicity, and transparency. Ello makes a partnership between the people who make things and those who consume.

Why Ello is different

Ello is the anti-Facebook and is made in response to the many controversial Facebook policies. In the first look, Ello appears just like other social websites but what’s secret is hidden inside.  Ello remains in its pockets and allows you organizing your friends, discovering content, or expanding your experience. Actually Ello is a mixture of Tumbler and Twitter. Like Tumblr, you can share photos and written thoughts. Like Twitter, you can @mention people.


Ad free

Ello doesn’t sell ads and your data is totally personal. Actually the social sites are totally owned by advertisers. There is an army of salesmen who record your movements and this data is auctioned off to data brokers. Collecting and breaking your personal data, reading your private posts and messages to your friends, and monitoring your social connections for profit is totally illegal. Under the tag of “free services”, you are a victim of totally unsafe data brokers.

No Adds On The Sites At First But Later On, There Is A Storm:

Some other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc.) started out ad-free, then suddenly took a U turn, modified their policies and gave our threads in hands of Data Brokers. To make it clear that there is no concern with the advertisers on Ello, an option DELETE ACCOUNT link has been provided on every user’s settings page. If you do not like any Ello feature, you can simply delete your Ello account. Ello keeps in mind that if it makes amendments in its policies, it will lose its vast spreading community (Unlike FaceBook). So if you don’t like Ello’s proceedings, there’s a Delete Account on every user’s page.

So what will you find on Ello

Like every other social network you can share your photos and update your status. Unlike Facebook, it supports GIFs. You can comment on other’s posts and reply directly to your friends and you can see how much views your posts have got. There’s also a Noise section that showcases posts by people usually you don’t know. It’s like an online art show at the neighborhood gallery. Really, there’s nothing on Ello that hasn’t been done before. It’s amazing and cool i feature is a social network fresh start and it’s stripped down timeline. The draw back Ello is facing is that the site is on beta so there are lots of chances of bugs. The online users search icon only works about 30 percent of the time and it has no Discovery feature most of the friends you will find because they are linked to their account on Twitter.

Tip: You can toggle between the grid-style and full width-style within either filter by hitting Shift-5.



So Who Should Sign Up For This?

If you’re comfortable with data brokers of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and you’re fine with your information being sold for ads, Ello isn’t for you. But, if you’re looking for an alternative social network without ads (and you are concerned about your privacy) and you can handle a few rough edges, then for those Ello is off to a good start.

Is there a “like” button?

Remember that the Like button was created as a streamlined way to assemble data that how much users are interested in. It’s simply a shortcut and Facebook can easily package that sentiment for sale. Ello will be soon launching a feature, a “Love” button (seriously) but its function will be to save posts to view later on.


Ello is in beta, so you can simply expect a lot of bugs. You are also deprived of some features, like user blocking or a mobile app. One in particular worth mentioning is the NSFW flagging option, which you can use when posting explicit content. You do not even have to mention your real name. Till this feature is not released, NSFW content is not allowed on Ello. And above all, the Ello Facemaker tool. You will be able to paste Ello logo on your face, hiding your identity and becoming one with the Elloans.

The use of Ello is up to users. App Dot Net, Path, Google+ and others have tried to cut into Facebook’s fame in social networking. They all failed. But Ello could be a nice quiet place to share your innovative thoughts and artsy photos.

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