Encrypt Facebook, Twitter, Reddit Posts, Messages With ShadowCrypt Chrome Extension

The internet is full of sneaky hackers, bots, and malware who are ready to pounce your private information messages, especially on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. If you frequently share important information on the internet, and want to be completely sure that no one else is reading your messages except for those for whom they are intended, ShadowCrypt is the best solution for you. ShadowCrypt is a great Google Chrome extension which encrypts your messages; in fact, it encrypts everything you type after you activate it.

No one could read your messages encrypted with ShadowCrypt except the legitimate receiver. You will have to use a key, which you will also share with the intended reader on the other end.

There are several keys which you will get with the ShadowCrypt extension. Anyone could use this key. So the only thing which will save you is the passphrase, which you can select of your own.

Once you have selected the key and set the passphrase, the next step is to share the key with the intended receiver. The extension provides no way to do this, so you will have to find your own secure ways. But there is an option of ‘export string’. The receiver will need to import the string to get the key.

You can encrypt data, messages of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and any other website using this powerful Chrome extension. You will need to create a key from the options for every new website at the first time usage.

ShadowCrypt doesn’t use any server or Cloud to save the keys, so you don’t have to worry about hacks or break-ins by third parties.

Download ShadowCrypt

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