Ethereum Price Predictions for 2018: The Future of the Best Altcoin

There is a lot of internet chatter about Bitcoin. Bitcoin price has crossed over $7300 and the price is expected to keep surging till $10,000. However, Ethereum is the cryptocurrency which has a lot of potential. It’s the cheapest reliable cryptocurrency you can buy right now for big future gains. It’s the best alt-coin (alternative of Bitcoin).  There are several predictions about Ethereum price 2018. We believe that the price of Ethereum will cross $500 in the next year, on the back of several factors discussed below.

Better and More Secure than Bitcoin

The biggest reason why analysts are bullish on the future of Ethereum is that its platform is secure. It does not directly run over Blockchain, rather it runs over Ethereum platform which is based on smart contracts apps. These smart contract apps are secure keys which go into action when certain conditions are met. This is why analysts consider Ethereum the only true decentralized cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is cheap (over $300) as compared to Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency will explode to growth as soon as it solves the internal community issues.

Amazon Taking Interest in Ethereum

Earlier this month, Amazon registered a domain named “”. This shows that Amazon might be up to something big. If Amazon invests in Ethereum in the coming days, the cryptocurrency will get massive gains. This is because when Amazon backs any project, the chances of success of that project grow exponentially.

Vinay Gupta is Bullish on Ether

Vinay Gupta is one of the most renowned names in the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is overseeing a lot of projects that are working to do interesting things based on the blockchain platform. While Gupta is not skeptical of Bitcoin, he thinks that the future of cryptocurrency belongs to Ethereum. Find out his extremely elaborate and technical reasons here.

Big Platform Changes and Improvements Coming Soon

It’s important to note that Ethereum is still under progress as a platform. Recently, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposed a new algorithm to sort out the nodes in a connected network to increase optimization. The technique is known as “Sharding”. In simple terms, Sharding is a way to partition database into small nodes. Several developments are under process by Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a large community whose members include Microsoft, JPMC, UBS, and Accenture.  Recently, the Ethereum community gathered at DevCon conference to discuss the future of the cryptocurrency. The developers discussed ways to solve the problem of scalability, as the number of transactions are rising. In the coming months, the Ethereum community will be able to reach key conclusions. Therefore, the price of Ethereum will increase.

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