Facebook increasingly encroaching into LinkedIn territory with e-Learning, Mentorship, and Job portals

Facebook increasingly encroaching into LinkedIn territory with e-Learning, Mentorship, and Job portals

Oh, dear Facebook, whatever shall we do without you? Nothing, it would seem if Mark Zuckerberg and team get their way. These guys seem to be around the clock to ensure Facebook becomes a one-stop-shop where you get everything under one roof.

If you are looking for a soul mate, Facebook Dating has got you covered. Let’s not forget about all the other features it keeps ‘copy-paste’ from other rival platforms like Snapchat. And now for over a year now, Facebook has been encroaching into the LinkedIn territory. It also wants to become the go-to platform for people looking to leverage on their network to score a contract or advance their career.

It is being reported that there are about a million jobs now being secured via social media, and Facebook doesn’t want LinkedIn to overshadow it in this category. That is why they have launched a new e-learning portal – Learn with Facebook – and at the same time, it is expanding on two other services it had already launched.

What these two other services – Mentorship and Jobs – does, is more or less what you get on LinkedIn. Jobs allows employers to post available vacancies in their organization in Groups that they are already members. While Mentorship allows users to make their own matches.

Portfolio Diversification

With the launch of ‘Learn with Facebook’ today, there is no doubt that Facebook is trying to diversify its platform. It wants to keep more (and more) people to keep coming to it for whatever they need.

Considering the fact that its user base growth in the US and Canada have stagnated, while in Europe it is on the decline. Facebook needs to find innovative ways to keep its current user base while attracting some new ones. One strategy is to copy-paste features from other competing social networks that keep on pulling users away from Facebook. Hence the now imitation of LinkedIn right within the Facebook platform.

The social network is trying to diversify while at the same time trying to shake off the bad press coverage it got on allegations it helps disseminate ‘fake news’ and was instrumental in swaying elections around the world. Let’s not forget the massive data breach that led to Cambridge Analytica getting hold of millions of users’ private data.

So Zuckerberg and team have decided to put all their time and efforts in pushing out new services that could help rejuvenate customers’ interests with its platforms.

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