Fingerprint Scanner of Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Be Open For Developers

The race is on to get the best in-built, seamlessly integrated security features in the upcoming smartphones. In a recent attempt to outclass its competitors, Samsung has said that its famous finger print scanner feature for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 will be open for the developers. This is completely in response to the steps taken by Apple in which they have openly touted to open the access for the development in the finger print scanner feature of iPhone 6.

Samsung announced at a developer-focused event during MWC that its finger print scanner will be open for the Android and Samsung apps developers in a very secure way of course. However, unlike Apple, Samsung didn’t tell us how ‘open’ this access will be. Apple on the other hand seems quite confident and open about its finger print scanner. For the iPhone 5S scanner, Apple clearly told that the data taken from the hardware of the finger print scanner is immediately saved into the architecture of A-7 Chip system with a complete encrypted format. This data is transferred within the service with massive security and encryption based cross platform algorithms.

Biometric information verification will experience new horizons with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 mainly because of the PayPal and Samsung contract according to which you will be able to make transactions and payment using the finger print scanner on the fly. Samsung has also announced recently that the Samsung SDK is going to change altogether in the coming days just to make ground for the upcoming Galaxy S5. This suggests that Samsung’s new iteration of flagship will definitely have a plethora of new features and perks for the developers.


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