Firefox Price Wise giving Chrome users second thoughts about their choice for browser

firefox price wise

The modern day internet is dominated by Google from two points; as the choice search engine and as the choice browser. Almost 60% of internet users begin their online journey from the Chrome browser, and if they are searching for information, they will certainly use Google search engine to get to where they want. However, Mozilla’s Firefox hopes its latest feature, Price Wise, will be enough to make users re-think their choice browser.

As the name suggests, Price Wise, is a new feature Mozilla baked into Firefox that allows users to cross check prices of items when shopping online. Simply put, it enables you to see the price of an item on one online store, against its price at another (competing) online store.

You could be on Amazon, looking to buy, the HP ProBook 4540S for instance. With Firefox Price Wise, you can check the price for the same laptop on eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and The Home Depot; which have already enlisted into the program.

The above-mentioned list of online retailers are the top visited e-commerce sites visited by Firefox users. Mozilla says it is working on roping in more users.

Online comparison shopping is more popular than ever, but it’s often hard to know when to buy to get the best deal,” wrote Mozilla in a blog post.

With Firefox Price Wise, you can add products to your Price Watcher list and get a desktop notification automatically every time the price drops. Users can even click through directly from their list to purchase as soon as the price changes, making online shopping more affordable and efficient.”

Firefox Price Wise beta

The new Firefox Price Wise is currently in its test stage and thus limited to the U.S. market only. Though once Mozilla is satisfied it has tweaked all the kinks, it will be available to everyone online. In the meantime, shoppers in the U.S. have more options to save on their online shopping courtesy of the new Firefox Price Wise.

But to be fair, users can still get the same functionality in other browsers including Chrome by installing third-party extensions that do the same purpose.

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