First Hackathon In Northern Nigeria. Code Name: HackJos

First Hackathon In Northern Nigeria. Code Name: HackJos

First Hackathon In Northern Nigeria. Code Name: HackJos has entered into an agreement to be sponsor for the first hackathon in Northern Nigeria. Code name: HackJos.

The HackJos Hackathon – Jos, Nigeria is a free, 3 day-long coding marathon for developers to create new and novel applications targeted at providing solutions to problems that bedevil society. Over 200 Code enthusiasts will gather for 3 days in March 2015 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Teams of programmers and user interface designers will combine their talents to build new applications to meet with and compete against other developer teams. Teams will be afforded an opportunity to present their completed applications at the end of the Hackathon for a chance to win prizes. Votes will be taken by the meeting’s audience, and the top applications will win various prizes. is offering 3 nights free hotel accommodation to the winning team. seeks to use the platform to recruit Software Engineers into its ever growing team of developers in the company. Software engineers are the core of

From the pool of participants who will take part in the HackJos Hackathon, seeks to attract developers who are looking to have a large impact at a growing company and work with a high performance team, working side by side talented colleagues on hard problems attending to a large user base of customers both within and outside Nigeria. has listed interest in participants who show the following attributes:

Participants, who demonstrate an ability to think innovatively in taking on and completing a task, thus exhibiting the ability to make the leap from information to insight and able to refine a creative idea into a tool.

An innate ability to organize, clarify and communicate ideas succinctly and accurately, thus, be able to change course rapidly, moving with an increasing pace, be mindful and get things done within short timeframes.

*Quick, comprehending intelligence, nimble on the feet and fast response to issues.

*Must be strong in paying attention to detail and highly organized.

*An independent thinker willing and able to express and support a point of view.

HackJos will feature a Pre-Hackathon Workshop. Individuals and teams will be engaged in a 30-day pre-hackathon Workshop for the HackJos Hackathon. Engineers will be on hand to help answer questions from participants and set them up for success. All that is required is for interested participants to bring their computers and come along with team mates. Individuals who would like to take part in the pre-hackathon are invited to come and find a team at the workshop. The pre-hackathon date is 29th January to 27th February 2015.

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For more information on the Northern Nigeria first Hackathon, go to its web site at, or follow its Twitter account at @hackjosng.

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