How to Fix Bootloop in Android Without Losing Data

How to Fix Bootloop in Android Without Losing Data

Some malicious apps could cause your Android smartphone to become stuck in endless loops and doesn’t function properly. It keeps on rebooting again and again. In this article, I will tell you a simple tip about how to fix bootloop in Android without losing data.

Reboot Your Device in Custom Recovery Mode

To restore your device into normal state, you need to reboot it in Custom Recovery mode. For this purpose, you need to use a proper key combination. In most of the Android smartphones, you can enter Custom Recovery mode by turning it off and then press Volume down and Power keys simultaneously for a few seconds.

Choose Advanced option in the Custom Recovery menu.

Now, you need to select “Wipe Delvik Cache”. Select “Yes” when you are prompted for verification.

Now, go to “Mounts and Storage” and select “format/cache” option. It will wipe your cache files entirely.

You are done now. Reboot your device and it is certain that it will be restored to the normal state, while preserving all your data.

This method allows you to get perfect idea about how to fix boot loop in Android without losing data using Custom Recovery Mode. It works in most of the cases for fixing infinite boot problems.


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