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First Smart Automation Event Coming to Nairobi | Sept 2nd – 3rd 2016

Smart Automation 2016 will be held in Nairobi, Kenya. Dubbed, SMART AUTOMATION 2016, it is a premier process control, industrial control, and building automation event that will bring together engineering professionals, engineering students, contractors, and resellers of automation products and automation solution providers.

Smart Automation 2016, will also provide attendees the opportunity to explore best practice in production for greater productivity and efficiency. Smart Automation 2016, is brought to you courtesy of the BOLD Limited. The event will take place in Nairobi at the Michael Joseph Centers on September 2nd

and 3rd 2016.

The importance and benefits of automation in manufacturing cannot be overstated. Au

tomating the manufacturing process results in increased production output, as well as increased cons
istency of output. At the same time, it releases workers to take on other roles that do not involve hard physical and monotonous work. These benefits translate to increased bottom line for the organization. These benefits and the process of automation will form the agenda during Smart Automation 2016.

Increasingly automation is also being used outside of the traditional factory – as Micro automation in cottage industries; in precision agriculture; in buildings as part of the smart cities movement amongst many uses.

Smart Automation 2016 will comprise of innovative exhibitions and technical presentations by engineering professionals working in and out of factories. The technical presentations will focus on areas that are directly related to automation concepts. Some of the topics on the program include:

Automation within the Factory Walls – Yesterday and Today’s Factory versus the Factory of the Future.

Automation beyond the Factory Walls – Micro Automation and the Cottage Industries; Building Automation & Smart Cities; Precision Agriculture.

The Future of Automation – IIOT, Industries 4.0, etc.

The Automation Engineer – How, Where, Career and Skills Building Opportunities, etc.

For more information, go to their website www.smartautomation.co.ke or get social with them on Facebook.com/SmartAutomationKenya, Twitter-@AutomationKenya, or make your RSVP at the Eventbrite page.


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