Fix: Galaxy Buds Buzzing, Static Noise

A lot of Samsung Galaxy Buds users complain that they are hearing a certain kind of static noise and buzzing from their earphones. It usually starts randomly and buzzing starts in either left or right bud.


This problem is frustrating, given the price and expected value of these ear buds. But in this article we will mention a quick fix to resolve Samsung Galaxy Buds noise and buzzing problem.

Fix Static Noise, Buzz in Galaxy Buds

Samsung gives an option to synchronize and configure Buds settings from the Galaxy wearable app. We will use this option to fix the buzz problem.

Go to Galaxy wearable app in your smartphone and head over the settings section. Now go to “reset buds” option. As soon as you reset, you will notice that the buzzing sound will be turned off.


In case you are wondering where to find the reset option, open the app and go to “About Earbuds” option in the Galaxy wearable app.


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