Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Vibrating on Text Messages [Guide]

A lot of Samsung Galaxy S7 users are reporting that when they set their phone to Mute and turn on vibration, their device do not vibrate when a text message is received. Galaxy S7 does not vibrate on text messages, while it vibrates on all the other types of notifications. In this article I will tell you how to fix this problem.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Vibrating on Text Messages

1- You should enable the vibration in your phone from two places. First, go to Settings and then head over to Notifications Settings and turn on vibration. And secondly, from the home screen, go to the menu and go to Sound settings > Vibrate.

2- Launch Settings app in your Galaxy S7 and go to Application. Head over to the Messages application. You will see Application Settings. Click on “Notifications”. You will see an option to “Allow Notification”. Use it to allow notifications on your phone. This will fix S7 not vibrating on text messages problem.

3- It might seem confusing but there is a difference between setting your phone to “Mute” or turning off sounds and opening Vibration. If your phone is set to Mute, Galaxy S7 won’t vibrate on text messages. In order to turn off mute, you can use the drop down menu from the home screen. But make sure the notifications are on. The vibration mode should also be set to On. You can turn on vibration by using the drop down menu on the home screen of Galaxy S7.

4- Restart Galaxy S7 in Safe Mode and then send a text message to your phone. If Galaxy S7 vibrates on text message in Safe mode, that means some third party app is messing with your system. Reboot your phone in the normal mode and delete all the suspect third party apps and try sending a text message again. Hopefully, this will fix Samsung Galaxy S7 not vibrating on text messages problem.

5- Hold down the volume button until the volume shows. Now press the volume up once and this would fix the issue.

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