Frip Wants to Help New York Teachers pick the best Field Trips for the Class

Frip Wants to Help New York Teachers pick the best Field Trips for the Class in and around the City

New York is a beautiful city with lots of fun and recreational activities to do. There are the historic landmarks, the museums, business centers, and even zoos among other attractions. So you would think it would be easy for a teacher to organize a field trip for their class, right?

That is far from the truth! If anything, organizing school trips is increasingly becoming a daunting task for the teachers. The teachers spend most of their time buried in their course outline, students’ performance, tuition lessons, and even the extra-curriculum activities for their students outside the classroom.

Why Finding the Best School Field Trip is hard

After dealing with all the above, a teacher finds they have little time left to pick out the best place to go for their school trip. Often, they secure a spot via a last-minute Google search and make a couple of phone calls here and there. Even then, it is not assured they will get the best place they could have gone for the school trip; you need to find a location that will create a long lasting good impression for the class.

There are also times a teacher would pick out a place for the trip, but the school principal will not approve of it.

With Frip, you get the best tips on your next School Field Trip

The team behind Frip come from a diverse skills and backgrounds. They have educators, developers, anthropologists, and entrepreneurs on the team. The perfect mix and blend of skills and experience to come up with an app addressing all important aspects; the design, functionality, and user experience. This way, the decision on which place to take the class for a field trip will be informed and not a random last minute decision just for the sake it.

The team behind Frip is not your typical geeks sitting behind a computer the whole day. They are a fun and outgoing team, who love going on field trips. You will actually find them out on various events and attractions in and around New York. They keep their company’s culture strong by doing team dinners and tea session in various attractions around the city.

For that reason, you expect the information on different field trips options in and around New York to be well informed. Frip will also help you in finding out the opening and closing times, availability of field trips places among other helpful information. So if you are a teacher, scratching your head right now, wondering where to take your class for a field trip. Frip comes to your rescue; worry no more.

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