Girl Finds Dead Body While Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the trending topic on the internet these days. It’s an insanely addictive game that makes you go out in the real world, your mobile phone in your hand, to search for hidden pokemons in your vicinity. It seems all the world has gone berserk on this game. We will talk about this game and its hidden cheats and tricks in the coming posts. For now, a flabbergasting news, which will make you gasp in shock: a 19 year old girl from the state of Wyoming was playing Pokemon go when she went to a local water source to get a new Pokemon. Guess what she found there? A dead body! Shayla Wiggins says that when she went to a natural water source, she saw an odd thing in the water. When she went close, an average sized man in t- shirt and jeans were lying there, dead. Shocked, Shyla immediately called 911 and the police arrived within minutes. The local police has now confirmed that a dead body has been recovered by them after a tip from the girl. The police says that the man appears to have died of drowning in the water.

Pokemon Go is a different kind of game. It has made people leave their sofas and be out there, with their eyes glued to their phones, trying to figure out where the actual Pokemon is hidden. But this is the kind of game in which you could actually stumble upon surprising, and in this case, shockingly sad things.


Fahad Saleem

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