Gmail just received an update bringing useful menu under right-click


At the height of widespread growth of social media and messaging apps, many people thought email was going to die off a natural death; or at least was at the beginning of the journey to an end. However, that has never come to be, if anything people are now immersed in more emails than they were 5-10 years ago.

People are literally struggling to achieve zero Inbox, as they always have a couple of emails still requiring their attention. In a bid to enable you to manage your email better, Google has just baked in new features under the right click menu in Gmail.

Previously, a right click on Gmail gave you limited features like Archive an email, Mark it as unread, and Delete an email. However, with the new update, a right-click on Gmail gives you more features including Reply, Reply All, Move to, Snooze, Mute, Label as, Forward, and search for emails.

This new feature means you can better and faster manage your email on the fly, without digging in too much to do some of the tasks. Google has brought most of the major task closer to just a single or few clicks away to full execution.

That begs the question; why did it take Google so long to bring in such a useful feature? The rich right-click menu will first roll out to G Suite users and the rest can expect it shortly afterward. The feature will soon be available to every Gmail user, and when it does, do not take it for granted.

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