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Google Inbox Will Change Email World: Here Are Some Unique Features

 Google Inbox Will Change Email World: Here Are Some Unique Features

There are hundreds of email apps in app stores. So why Google has launched a new email app? Well, it was not for the sake of the app release fame, Google has really answered the cry. Sifting through hundreds of emails is a grueling task these days. Invites, spam, useless hellos, sales emails make it impossible to reach useful emails well on time. Google has recently launched a new Inbox app that has turned out to be an amazing product Gmail has ever produced. It’s called “Inbox”. It is designed by the same Gmail team, but it is different as Inbox follows the principle to show what really is desired. The app keeps the most relevant stuff on the surface and keeps mailbox

well organized. Here are a few features that make Inbox unique.


One of the latest Inbox features, “dubbed Bundles”, expands greatly that Gmail introduced last year. It helps the user to manage and organize their messages in such a way that business mails, bank statements all can be assembled separately. You can even teach Inbox to choose the way you like to group different mails together and can get rid of them in just a click.


You can see the superficial notes without opening the message. You can check for the flight departure/arrival updates, your friend’s pictures and event information, important documents and photos from friends and family. Most amazingly, inbox adds some important features like departures, product information, that are not a part of the original mail but it guides you in a little better way. If you have some document that needs to be reviewed, inbox will create a card from that and you will be able to open it by a single click. You can highlight mail by “pinning” it, in the same way as you “star” an important mail in the Gmail app.




You can add reminders to your mail box that will remind about sending mails and updates. It’s a handy function called Assist that displays users’ reminders and to-do lists. For example, if you set a reminder to contact some super store then it will save the contact and will inform you when it’s open. Assists also work for your email. If you are making some reservation in some hotel, then inbox will provide you the hotel’s map in the confirmation mail. Similarly flight check in can be made. Plus, you’ll get quick approach to track a package from a shipping email, or the yes/no/maybe toggles for a calendar event.



Simply switch the mail to Snooze and you will be able to have a glance of it whenever you want rather a week or a month. It simply adds a reminder to your mail. With Inbox, you swipe left-to-right to archive (just to show as “Done” in Inbox) and right-to-left to “snooze”.


Search engine

No need to scroll the whole mailbox. Simply search for the keywords and you will be provided with your pictures, schedules and whatever you are looking for.

Works with Gmail

As this app is produced by Gmail so it guarantees you spam protection. Your mails are still there in the Gmail account and can be retrieved according to your desire.


Inbox has not delivered its best in, the beginning but the idea has got over the world wildly and numerous iterations will be made soon.


Inbox for Android

Inbox for iOS

Fahad Saleem

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