How This Guy Made $100,000 in 9 Months with a Website Through Amazon Affiliate Program

Making money online is a phenomena that won’t ever lose steam, but the means and ways in this gigantic industry will change. You cannot just rely on Google Adsense to make money through blogs and content. A vast number of PC users have ad-blockers installed, which means they don’t see ads and there would be no money made by websites because of this. Amazon affiliate program is becoming a swiftly popular way to make money online. The idea is simple: you review a product in detail and put the Amazon link of that product. If the reader likes the product, he’d click that link and buy the product. Amazon will pay you a fixed commission from that sale. A Reddit user recently shared a story in which a blogger made over $80,000 in 2016 with an 8-page website which was started in April 2016. Just imagine the explosive growth this website went through. And Lo and Behold, this website didn’t use any scam methods or churn out automated content.

The website in question is The website had one simple idea: write as many product reviews as possible with one trick in the title. This trick was that the writers had to rank the items based in the “best of format” list type for the year of 2016. So the articles on the website were like: 10 Best Routers of 2016, 10 Best Video Games 2016.

In the first three months, the website made didn’t make a lot of money. The source says that the website earned about $0.56 per visitor in April, $0.17 per visitor in May and $0.25 per visitor in June. But things started to take off from July. The website made around $4,500 in this month. Then in November, the website made over $40,000. Note that all this money is from Amazon’s product review affiliate program.

Then came December and as you can imagine, people around the world search and shop for the best products of the year in this month. 10Beasts website earned over $80,000 in December alone due to sales and commissions.

Things weren’t that easy in the start. The website had to work tirelessly. Just look at some of the reviews written at the website. They are ridiculously long, detailed, and have tempting click buttons which land the user at the Amazon page for that product. The whole is to make the user buy the product. But the reviews must be honest and fully detailed.

10Beasts is now writing reviews for the year 2017. They are compiling long lists of products that are best in 2017.

How can you make money by writing product reviews for the best products of 2016 in the first few months of the year? People won’t search for best gaming computer of 2016 in January or February of 2016, right? Wrong. Google’s search data says that searches based on the year start coming from the very start of the year in question. Here are some graphs from Google Trends which the source shared.

You can learn about the strategies of search the right keywords to decide which products to review and more on this here. It’s a long story and detailed strategy of how the owner of 10Beasts was able to gain success and money in such a short period of time.



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