Hackbright Academy: The Best Place for Women to Learn Coding and Start their Career in Tech

Hackbright is the leading software engineering school for women, founded in 2012, with campuses in San Francisco, Oakland and the South Bay. Over 700 graduates of Hackbright are currently employed at eminent Silicon Valley tech companies such as Google, Airbnb, Amazon, LinkedIn and Dropbox. The mission of Hackbright academy is to make available a personalized path for women towards software engineering career. The instructors, advisors, mentors and career coaches maintain an environment and culture where women can recognize their potential to the fullest. It is a competition for collaboration, not for attention. Their goal is to raise the female representation in tech companies through mentorship, education and community.

The educators at the Hackbright academy have established an environment which lets individuals flourish at their own pace to get maximum output from their 12 weeks’ full-time program or 24 weeks’ part-time program. They have concentrated programs along with advisors to influence the students and guide them in making the correct decision. The advisors track your progress, give technical and personal support and keep you motivated towards your ambitions.

Hackbright academy works with fervent mentors who invest in developing you into a passionate professional. Industry experts from well-known companies look forward to see you accomplish something. Each student is matched up with at least two mentors who are software engineers in leading companies of the industry. For career development, they organize resume building workshops, white boarding sessions along with personalized career developers; these all play an important role in helping you find the most suitable job for yourself. Furthermore, after you graduate and become their alumnae, you will become part of a network consisting of more than 600 women who are zealous to help each other.

The students at Hackbright academy are from different backgrounds and career fields. It has a positive, nurturing and friendly environment in which the students feel quite comfortable. The students are passionate to do what they love for a living. The academy covers the essentials of computer science and hands-on teaching of concepts related to modern web development such as Python, HTML and CSS, Git, Django, Flask, SQL, JavaScript, pair programming and deployment. In this enhanced experience, individuals should look forward to spending a lot of time pair programming.

The part-time program is offered for students who want to keep their jobs; it provides the same content as full-time program. The programs are designed to empower women to become excellent software engineers. At the end of the program, students are given a chance to speed-interview with the tech companies. There are 90% chances that you will get employed after completing your course from Hackbright academy with a median salary of $88,000. Currently the cost of their program is $16,750. To apply for the Hackbright academy program, visit their website to create an account and complete their application and coding challenge.


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