Have you Discovered macOS Sonoma hidden gem Spring-Loaded Folder yet?

Image Credit: Apple Insider

Image Credit: Apple Insider

The macOS is a mature operating system, so much so that Apple has little room for innovation. But don’t they? Each year, Apple releases tiny innovations to make macOS all the more enriching to users. So let us talk about its recent release, the macOS Sonoma.

Spring-Loaded Folder in macOS Sonoma

If you are one of those early adopters, you might already have the Sonoma OS running on your MacBook. But have you noticed that the folder navigation has a new cool feature called Spring Loaded Folders?

Some might love this feature, others might hate it, and many still haven’t learned of it yet. This article will elaborate on how you can love it more if you already love it and how you can hate it less if you hate it. Lastly, to educate the masses about it, since the odds are high majority haven’t dug deep into macOS Sonoma to discover it.

What is Spring-Loaded Folder?

As it works out, a spring-loaded folder is a new feature debuting in macOS Sonoma whereby when you drag something to a folder and wait for some seconds longer, the folder springs open. If the given folder has sub-folders, and you still keep ‘holding’ the item on the mouse, the folder you’re hovering over will spring open again.

You never have to open folders or subfolders. All you need to do is drag an item over a folder and hover over it for some seconds. The folder will spring open. If you keep hovering over subfolders within a given folder, the specific folder you’re hovering over will spring open.

This feature enables you to navigate further deeper and deeper into nested folders without much of a hassle. The folders just keep springing up open.

How to Activate and Customize Spring-Loaded Folders

Say you don’t know about this feature. Well, all you have to do is go to System Settings > Accessibility > Pointer Control > Mouse & Trackpad settings and activate Spring-loading.

If you already know about this feature, and you hate it – as mentioned above – this is where you can deactivate it. Given this feature’s nifty and usefulness, why would anyone want to deactivate it?

Instead of deactivating it, you should change the time it takes you to hover over a folder before it springs open. Perhaps you need to change how quickly a folder opens or how long it takes to open. In that case, you can tweak the spring-loading speed to open as slowly as you want or the reverse. To do that, slide the slider below to as slow or as quick as you want:

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