Hero startups and a new upcoming industry to glimpse on

Hero startups and a new upcoming industry to glimpse on

2020s were definitely the year of startups, and entrepreneurs glow and grow. Conferences, many new businesses developed, both locally and internationally. Would you like to order a natural organic coffee from a five-member family based in Brazil? Well, I’m sure there’s an app for that.

People have become so brave, so independent and creative that nowadays it’s almost impossible to come up with something that is not already existing on this planet. And well, just look around. What’s been done is ‘pretty’ amazeballs.

One of the industries though, that’s been recently living its brightest years is Casino and Gambling. This enterprise has indeed faced such a rapid growth in terms of technology, development and recognition. It comes as no surprise that a bunch of new entrepreneurship and startups have been forming and tiptoeing around this business.

How Technology Has Influenced the Gambling Industry

So, in this article, we are going to get to know some of those pals. It is indeed exciting to explore how creative and adaptive people can be. And it even makes us slightly proud to be witnessing this moment.

Jackpocket: ditching the actual ticket – state’s lottery tickets now on your phone

Do people actually buy lottery tickets? We’re living in such a digital age that now feels weird to not have something on your computer, tablet, or phone. Well, lottery tickets were actually the ones that could not go online. At least not the ones you buy at the supermarket.

Meet the Jackpocket – the first third-party app in the U.S. that gives players a secure way to buy official state lottery tickets with a click on their phones. The startup is bringing a $300 billion global lottery industry into the new era of technological innovation. And a beautiful design, social elements, and gamification sure does help while doing that. 

Jackpocket is a no-cost, no-integration, turnkey platform, so it helps lotteries thrive. It includes assisting with benefiting essential state programs such as public education, veterans assistance, and natural resources. Also, the possibility to have lottery tickets online attracts new customers like millennials who otherwise would not be active in the lottery.

Smarkets or Fintech for betting

Get ready to be amazed because Smarkets is one of the world’s largest betting exchanges. It all started because the founders team believed traditional sports betting rips off bettors, taking up to a 15% margin on bets. So, they decided to offer the industry’s lowest margin of around 1%. It provides significantly better odds than the competition.

The team of this startup is curious and indeed passionate for pushing the known boundaries of real-time financial technology. In fact, according to Smarkets team, one of their main goals is to disrupt one of the oldest industries in the world by rethinking the betting business model. The platform has handled over £15 billion worth of bets since launching in 2010, allowing it to become one of the most profitable companies per employee in Europe.

In 2017 Smarkets were ranked in the top five of both the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 and Deloitte Fast 50.

Bet365 for Player Prop Predictions

PrizePicks, allows sports fans to predict how their favourite professional players will perform on a given day. Quite impressive, right? The startup has created the most fun, fast & simple fantasy contest possible by marrying the parlay model with a player prop predictions to produce industry-leading margins.

Led by serial entrepreneur and industry veteran, Adam Wexler, PrizePicks is currently the closest legal alternative to legal mobile sports betting in the majority of the United States. The business is primed to be a major sports betting operator as some of the biggest U.S. markets (e.g. CA, FL) come online in the coming years. The startup already had business deals with national brands such as Hooters and Coyote Ugly and did their first professional league partnership with a significant esports league, SMITE. As they specify, the platform was made for legal wagers in skill-based competitions.

It’s not unexpected at all that SidePrize won multiple awards. It included such recognition as the FSTA including ‘Rookie of the Year’ in January 2016, and the company was a Fall 2015 graduate of the Dodgers Accelerator, the first-ever sports/tech accelerator in the world.

These startups have indeed revolutionized the gambling industry, making it more ethical and transparent.

Not that long ago, there were many online casino and pokie games to be not using a random number, fooling its customers and using a different kind of techniques to get users hooked to generate more and more money. There still are, though, but the number is significantly lower.

If you wish to try some online pokie games, we recommend checking out https://pokies.bet for the available online variety of games.

Online Gambling Sites!? How Do I know which are Scams, which are Legit?

Online Gambling Sites!? How Do I know which are Scams, which are Legit?

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