Hottest New Android and iPhone Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

There is no end to innovation and creativity when it comes to Android and iOS apps. Billions of users and counting provide a market teeming with opportunities and hundreds of problems to be solved. This gives an impetus to the app development. Let’s take a look at some of the best new Android and iPhone apps released over the past few weeks.

BurstKey (iOS)

You can create amazing GIFs using BurstKey app. Have an awesome idea and think your GIF can go viral? Just launch this app in your iPhone, hold the shutter button and snap the GIF. You can apply built-in filters of the app before sharing your GIF to the social media.

RunGo (iOS)

There are countless running apps which help you track your run, count calories burnt and more, but RunGo for iPhone adds a competitive and social element which is super useful for fitness motivation. It lets you discover and run on the tracks and hiking trails that are discovered by other people. You can find different tracks and collaborate with other people.

ShakeSpeak (Android)

Want write classical English and add the element of literature and eloquence in your messaging? ShakeSpeak is a predictive keyboard app by Swift Keyboard which predicts famous sentences, words and idioms used by William Shakespeare.

Popflake (iOS)

Whenever I have a mood and time for watching a movie, the real struggle begins: which movie to watch. If you are too choosy about your movie selection and don’t want to ruin two hours watching some shitty, useless content, this app is for you. Popflake app for iPhone has an impeccable search algorithm which works on keywords. You can even search on simple words like “Agents” or “killing” and also sort the results based on your mood.

Avast Photo Space (iOS)

This is a great app if you want to free up space in your iPhone. If you have hundreds of photos in your phone, you can use this app to upload them on reliable and secure Cloud. The app will leave only thumbnail based images for preview. These photos will take no space. Whenever you want, you can download the photo. You can search your photos based on the thumbnail that is visible in your iPhone. Isn’t it amazing?

FX File Explorer (Android)

Tired of Android native file explorer and the same old ES file explorer? There is a great new Android file explorer in the town which is an alternative to ES file explorer. FX File Explorer has a great material design and UI and powerful features.  It has a free and premium version. You can copy, paste and move within the app, folders and run multiple windows within a single window.


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