How Much Do the Top YouTube Stars Earn?

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Almost everyone watches videos on YouTube. Over 2 billion people, to be exact. When you’re watching your favorite YouTubers, do you ever wonder how much they actually make from their efforts? Earning money on YouTube is possible, but it takes years of hard work and dedication. Some YouTubers earn a substantial amount of money from their channels, but who are they, are what do they make?

How do YouTubers make money?

The amount of money that YouTubers make depends on a variety of different factors. Some of the things that will determine how much they earn include:

– Video views

– Subscribers

– Ad revenue

– Sponsorship deals

– Income streams

Affiliate programs

– Merchandise

It’s not easy to get enough subscribers and views to make a living on YouTube, but these people have managed to make it work for them. Cash Lady has a full breakdown of the top YouTubers how much they make per video, their subscriber count and more.

The highest-paid YouTubers

1. Ryan’s World – $26 million

Ryan’s World is currently the top-earning channel on YouTube, earning $26 million in the last year alone. It was started in 2015 and is a toy review channel for kids. The channel’s star is 9-year old Ryan Kaji, who now has his own show on NickJr., plus a line of toys and clothing.

2. Dude Perfect – $20 million

Dude Perfect is a crew of 5 guys who have over 50 million subscribers on YouTube. They’ve had their channel for more than ten years and have been combining comedy with crazy trick shots to amass their vast following. They now do live shows and have had a TV show since 2016, called The Dude Perfect Show, where they’ve had some pretty notable celebrity guests.

3. Like Nastya – $18 million

Like Nastya is a YouTube channel run by 6-year old Anastasia Radzinskaya from Russia. She was born with cerebral palsy, and her family started a YouTube channel featuring toy unboxing videos, which quickly grew into much more. They now have five different YouTube channels, with a combined total of 128 million subscribers. She works with many food and toy brands, making her earnings last year a total of $18 million.

4. Rhett and Link – $17.5 million

Rhett and Link are two American comedians who founded their own YouTube talk show called “Good Mythical Morning,” where they have featured a massive lineup of celebrity guests. They have also acquired Smosh, an American sketch comedy YouTube channel with over 25 million subscribers. In the last year, Rhett and Link have made a total of $17.5 million.

5. Jeffree Star – $17 million

Jeffree Star is a beauty icon who joined YouTube back in 2006 and has since been making videos about makeup, beauty product reviews, music, doing collaborations, and videos about his life. He has become incredibly well-known for his makeup tutorials and has even launched his own line of products called Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which sells more than $100 million worth of makeup a year. He’s even dabbled in music in the past, doing a song with Nicki Minaj in 2009.

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