How to Block Unknown Calls and Stop Them from Going to Voicemail in Android

A lot of Android users often ask for an app or solution that would block all calls and messages initiated from numbers that are not in your contact list. Especially in today’s age of marketing and ads, people feel inundated with calls and messages from unknown numbers. Their voicemails are also full of unwanted messages from strangers, brands and folks wanting to sell their stuff.

Block Unknown Calls and Stop Them from Going to Voicemail in Android

Android app store is full of apps that will block contacts or numbers, they won’t stop those blocked people from reaching your voicemail.

You can simply block contacts and numbers by going to settings or your Contacts app. But if you are looking for an app that will completely block numbers, even from reaching your voicemail, you will have to look for a solution from your carrier.

For example, Verizon has an app called “Call Filter” which you can install (if you carrier if Verizon). This app, which also has a free version, is known to block calls and prevents them from going to your voicemail.

You can look for similar apps based on your carrier.

Call Control App

One excellent app that blocks spam calls from going to your voicemail is Call Control for Android. This app is paid, but users say that it’s worth it. It protects you from spam, spoof and unknown calls and keeps your voicemail free of junk.

But manually blocking contacts by going to your contacts app will also help you avoid the nuisance of receiving endless calls and messages on your phone.

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