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How to Create an App to Enhance Your Website

According to various research studies, there are more than 3 billion mobile phone users in the world. This statistic continues to increase every day.

If your business already has a website, you should consider the different ways to convert a website into an app. Building your own app may have seemed like a pipeline dream a few decades ago, but today it’s just like a cakewalk.

In the global age, the value of smartphone-optimized apps has increased substantially. Apart from the 3 billion mobile phone users, there is also a niche population of over 1 billion tablet users.

It only makes sense to have an app for your business instead of a website in this scenario. Websites are believed to become redundant in the coming decade; thus, an app is what you need to promote your business.

Several mobile app builders allow people to create an app for an existing website. To know more, continue reading!

Reasons Why You Should Create An App For An Existing Website

Before we get into the know-how of converting a website into an app, here are a few things you should know:

  1. Meets Modern User Experience

As we said in the beginning, the modern user is all about smartphones and mobile apps. Smartphones have taken over the world in the past decade, and there is no looking back. This growth of smartphone users has also triggered the mass internet revolution. As a result, apps have fallen on this side of the trend.

People are not only accustomed to apps, but apps can make businesses more profitable. Apps are more accessible than websites, and they are intended for repeat usage.

Gaming platforms have massively benefitted from apps- with google play and the app store showing that 70% of all downloads are gaming apps.

Nowadays, betting sites, a specialized niche in the gaming sector have gained immense popularity. Online casino platforms such as tonybet have migrated to an app format, bringing more users than their competitors. Users can place their bets on the go, and this will attract more traffic to your site.

  1. Builds Loyalty and Engagement

Apps tend to drive more loyalty than websites. This is because apps use an improved UX design and are made to fit the user’s expectations. The simple act of downloading an app from the Apple Store or Play Store is a display of loyalty. Therefore, users who download your app are your future customers, and about 20 percent of those users will drive engagement to your website.

  1. Apps are an important source of revenue.

When you create an app for an existing website, you are potentially creating a revenue generator. Apps can be monetized in multiple ways, including e-commerce sales, subscriptions, in-app purchases, in-app advertising, etc. When you convert your website into an app, it creates plenty of opportunities to drive its revenue.

  1. An App Store Presence

If you covert your brand’s website into an app, it increases visibility. Your app will be displayed on Play Store or Apple Store, which establishes your brand’s presence. Not only will this make you feel more legitimate, but it will make you appear professional in front of customers, prospective investors, and partners.

  1. Push Notifications Feature

Apps have a valuable channel of communicating with users through push notifications. With the help of this, you can alert your users about bonuses, new content, rewards, remind them about limited period offers, and so on. Communicating with users directly pushes a higher engagement rate.

5 Ways To Create An App For Website

Here are five app development practices that you should keep in mind if you are considering building apps based on your website:

  1. Develop a concept for your mobile app

The first step is to develop a concept that will work for your app. Conceptualizing is important. Before you hire app developers, make sure you are clear about the purpose your app will serve and how it will help users. Once you have a clear vision for your app and have figured out the functionalities, you can develop the app.

  1. Determine how you will monetize your app

Monetization always influences the user interface design. Thus, it is important to consider how your app will make money. As we said, there are numerous ways in which apps can be monetized. Make sure you create a secure financial gateway and a checkout process compatible with popular payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, Net banking, and UPI payment gateways.

  1. Chalk out the features you want your app to have

To ensure an improved user experience, you need to chalk out the desired features you want your app to have. Most businesses make the grave mistake of cramming too many features into their app. This makes the app crowded and the app design lousy. Make sure you avoid that.

The alternative would be to list down the features you want to see in your app and then shortlist them. Try to only include the necessary and basic features in the V1 of your app. User feedback will always help you in understanding what your users are looking for.

  1. Keep User Interface in mind while developing.

Once your wireframe is approved, an app designer will design the user interface, add graphics, designs, and so on, to create a compelling and well-rounded app. A designer should make a standard mockup of the app before proceeding with the final design. These mockups are useful in assessing accessibility and visual consistency. Therefore, once you have a basic mockup, you can start improving on the functionality of the app.

  1. Beta Test every feature within the app

Beta testing is the only way you will find out whether your mobile app is ready for launching or not. Businesses should hire a professional, dedicated quality assurance expert who should conduct QA tests that ensure every feature within the app is thoroughly tested. If a bug is found in the app environment, developers should fix it before the launch date. This way, you will be able to ensure a comfortable user experience.

Some of the best beta testing tools on the app market are Testigma and Lambda Test.

This was everything you needed to know about creating an app to enhance your business’ website. Make sure your app reflects the brand’s identity, and you will be good to go!

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