How to Make Folders in Android and Move Apps in Them

Most of us are used to folders. For years we have used folders in Windows computers and Mac. All of a sudden, smartphones came and there came this bare-bones, open interface where there were no folders. If you are a person who has downloaded lots and lots of apps and want to organize everything in the form of folders, the good news is that you can create folders in Android. Android gives you the flexibility to create folders and add apps to them. This way, your apps menu will have no clutter and everything will look nice and clear. Here’s how to make folders in Android.

Make Folders in Android

Tap and hold on any app which you want to put into a folder. After a couple of seconds, you will see two options on the top screen: Remove and “Create Folder”. Just drag the app icon to the create folder icon.

Next, you will be asked to give a name to the folder. You can either enter a name or just tap the back button and the folder will be created without a name.

You can add as many apps as you want in the newly created folder. In order to remove an app from a folder, follow these steps.

Open the folder.

Tap and hold the app which you want to remove from the folder.

You will see an option “Remove” after a couple of seconds. Drag the app to the Remove icon. That’s it. The app will be removed from the folder.

Delete a Folder

You can remove an entire folder by tapping and holding it, and dragging it to the option “Remove”.

Change name and color of folder in Android

You can also change the name and color of the folder. Just open the folder, tap the name of the folder from the top, add a new name. In order to change the color of the folder, tap the menu option from the top right corner of the folder and select your favorite color.

This is how to make a folder in Android. Share your feedback in the comments.

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