How to Start a Snapchat Group Chat

The snapshot is cruising at God-speed. It is the fastest growing social media app that is expected to cross the number of monthly active users of Facebook in the coming years. Snapchat is releasing new features swiftly. The company, which is expected to come with the biggest IPO in the history in 2017, has launched groupchat feature using which user will be able to start group chats. This feature was long-missed by millions of Snapchat users. Snapchat group chat will allow a user to add 16 users in a group. According to Snapchat’s website, it’s pretty easy to start a group. Group communication can be started by creating a group while sending a new snap or making a new chat.

You will see the names of the members of the group at the bottom and you can start a one-to-one chat with any member by tapping their name. If you want to come back to the group, you can do that with one swipe. Snapchat calls this feature ‘Quick Chat’. Using quick chat, you can go direct with any group member.

Snapchat Groups is being lauded by thousands of users on social media today. They say it’s the best thing they could get for the holiday season. Chatting in groups makes things more interesting. Snapchat is on a feature spree these days. The company has also rolled out a tool called “Scissors” using which users can snip and cut a snap, preview it and then turn it into a sticker. Another new tool called  “Paintbrush” lets you draw on snaps in “Memories”, the saved snaps. Snapchat also launched video chat feature a few months ago. We can expect video chat feature in groups very soon.

Snapchat has squared Facebook at yet another feature. Snapchat teens will no longer need to head to WhatsApp or Faceobok group chat features to interact in groups.

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