How to Take Spectacular Photos for Social Media and Blogs

While videos are taking over much of social media due to the explosive success of TikTok, photos are still an important part of being on social media.

Photos still have a role to play in helping people know what your page is all about and can be a great way to build a following on blogs, where videos, no matter how short they are, are not ideal.

So, how do you take great photos to upload them here?

1.    Prepping your phone

The first step is ensuring your phone is in the right setting to take a great photo. Photography can get quite complicated fast. As an amateur photographer, the first thing you need to do is turn the High Dynamic Range off. This is a very complex feature to get right.

Then, tweak your camera to make your image underexposed. An underexposed image is better than an overexposed one since you will quickly fix the underexposed image in the post.

2.   Lighting and composition

Then we get to capturing the image. Before you raise your camera and press, two things you need to remember are lighting and composition.

Lighting is critical to taking a good image. Taking photos in natural light ensures that the photo is neither too bright nor too dark. However, you need to ensure the lighting is not direct on the camera.

On composition, you use techniques such as symmetry or rule of thirds to make your photo look great. There is no rule on how to get the perfect composition, but knowing about composition can improve how you set your scene before taking a photo. Find colorful and bright background for your shot, either in front of colored walls or buildings to capture the attention of people who will see the image.

And also ensure that you shoot from different angles to give new perspectives and angles to the image.

3.   Create your own style

To stand out on social media, ensure that your images have an identifying feature that is unique to you. You can experiment with different looks, equipment, and techniques to find a style that speaks to you. You don’t need to choose just one style, but you need to create a visual look that stands out. This extends to what you decide to photograph.

4.   Remember to edit the images

More importantly, remember to edit the image before uploading. If you want to be more professional, editing on a desktop is critical as it lets you play with different and more complex tools. If you are editing on the go though, your phone should be enough.

There you have it. Follow these simple tools and watch your Instagram feed turn into a beautiful collage.

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