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Human Factors International (HFI) Certifies 6,000 Usability Analysts Worldwide

Human Factors International (HFI) announced today it has just certified its 6000th Certified Usability Analyst (CUA). HFI first offered its CUA designation in 2002 and has now certified UX practitioners from 58 countries.

The CUA credential validates mastery of the basic principles of user-centered design. These core skills in designing for ease of use apply to websites, applications on devices, and various forms of mobility. Attaining this certification helps someone:

Get started in a UX career

Switch careers to the UX field

Build UX skills for a more robust career

CUAs serve in a variety of industries including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, medical, government, media, automotive, healthcare, travel, hospitality, energy, software, aerospace, and education.

According to HFI founder and CEO Eric Schaffer: “When we started the CUA certification program, I thought it would be important to the industry. I knew there would be a time when UX would be growing fast, and there would be a need to efficiently credential practitioners.

I wanted something that was not a test of participation in our training. Instead, I wanted a canonical view of UX capabilities. We built that program, and it has succeeded — as a benchmark in hiring and as a benchmark in promoting and forming UX teams. We are delighted to see it helping thousands of people move their careers ahead.

Many individuals report that attaining the CUA credential has given them an increased level of respect from colleagues. “Becoming a CUA is undoubtedly the single most important decision I made to help my career,

” said Art Zippel, UX Information Architect at Word and Brown Companies. “Within six months, my certification had paid for itself.

Find out more about HFI certification at Read the HFI white paper Contribution of the Certified Usability Analyst Credential to UX Career Progress

About Human Factors International

Human Factors International is the world’s largest company specializing in user-experience design. Uniquely focused on helping clients develop mature and effective UX practices, HFI provides a complete and seamless suite of advisory, training, certification, methods, standards, and tools to help institutionalize user-centricity. HFI goes beyond usability, applying persuasive engineering methods to influence customers to use digital channels, engage, and convert. HFI’s corporate headquarters is in Fairfield, Iowa, with regional offices in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Visit


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