How to Improve Twitter Engagement Based On Psychology Principles

How to Improve Twitter Engagement with the Psychology Principles

You can attract more audience towards your tweets by using some psychology techniques. This article lists down some useful tips to improve Twitter engagement with the psychology principles. These tips will make your tweets interesting for your friends and they are likely to follow you.

Tips for Improving Twitter Engagement with the Psychology Principles

Use the Bandwagon Effect

Humans contain the desire to represent the group, community, group, or society. They love to associate themselves with some group. The psychological experts claim that the human beings tend to get associated with three major groups: the group to which they love to belong, the group they share the similar ideas and thoughts with, and the group they hate to belong. You can use the language in the tweets that allow your users to identify their association with one of the three groups.

Use Psychology of Images

Many marketing and advertising studies reveal that the tweets contain close-ups of the faces of people tend to get attention of people. You can apply this strategy to buy real Twitter followers your tweeting. When you post a nice shot of yourself or some of your friends, you are likely to receive more comments.

Use Self Perception Theory

According to the Self Perception theory, the people tend to develop attitudes based on their own behavior. For example, when you see some football games, you will think that you are a big fan of that game. You will seek some other ways to get engaged in the game like chatting with the group that likes the same sports. You can capture the attention of the audience by tweeting repeatedly about yourself perception consistently.

Keep the Things Simple

The great art of advertisement is to keep the message as simple as possible. The message has to be clear and simple to draw the attention of the public. It has to fit into the 140 character space. You can also utilize the short paragraph trick to enhance the user engagement even more. Twitter also allows you to create the line breaks within your tweet.

You may also use some humorous elements in your tweets.

Use Reverse Psychology

Some of the most successful advertisers do exactly the opposite of what the customers think with the help of the reverse psychology. HubSpot is the perfect example of the company that utilizes the trick while tweeting the links to their blog posts as demonstrated below.

Use the Initial Caps for Readability

People like to read the headlines that contain the sentence case. The sentence case is basically defined as where the first letter of every primary word is capitalized. It is also referred to as the initial caps or the title case. Buffer tends to use this strategy for posting tweets. This strategy also improves the reading speed.


After reviewing the methods to improve Twitter engagement with the psychology principles, you must be eager to try them as soon as possible to gain attention of your friends on Twitter.

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