How to do iPhone to PS3 Mirroring and Data Transfer, Streaming [Guide]


A lot of users want to connect iPhone to PS3 (Play Station 3) in order to transfer data between the two devices or stream media and games on iPhone and vice versa. The good news is that you can do this easily. This article shows how to transfer data in between iPhone and Play Station with or without jailbreaking. Let’s see the details of the processes using which you could transfer data and mirror iPhone to PS3.

iPhone to PS3 Mirroring and Data Transfer

iFile Tweak

Launch “Cydia” from your iPhone. If you have a jailbroken device and use Cydia, you will have an icon on it.

Search the app “iFile” and you will get a result. Install this app in your iPhone. This is the tweak which we are going to use to transfer data between iPhone or iPad and Play Station.


Launch iFile and then tap on the icon showing Wifi signals. This is the app icon to launch the web server connection.

Web services and data packages will be loaded and launched. This will take time and you will see progress bar on your phone and black screen where all the files will be downloaded and the iPhone will launch a web server connection.

Now launch Play Station 3 and do the following steps.

Go to settings and click on “File”.

You will now see an address bar where you can type the address of the file location.

Type the IP address here to establish a connection. In this case, it is

It is mostly in the range of

After entering the IP address, hit enter.

You will see a list of files and directories. Click on “USR” as shown in the image below.

Now click on “Mobile”.

Now click on “Media” and then click on “DOW”.

You will now see two folders “ 100 Apple” and “101 Apple”. Click on anyone and you will see images, videos and audio stores in your iPhone. Just select any item and then click on File on the right side of the menu.

Click on “Save Target” and the data will be saved on your PS3.

iMedia Share App (No Jailbreak needed)

If you want to stream content from iPhone to PS3 and mirror both these devices without jailbreak, you can do so using an app called iMediaShare.

Download iMediaShare from the App Store   in your iPhone and launch it.

Now turn on your iPhone and PS3. Both these devices should be connected over the same Wifi connection.

You will now see your iPhone device name in the the Music, Video and Photo Gallery tabs.

If you do not see your device, just go to settings and then head over to the network settings and then Media Server Connection on your PS3 and set it to “Enabled”.

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There are the two ways using which you can mirror iPhone and PS3. You can stream content and download transfer data from iPhone to PS3 and vice versa. Apple TV allows streaming between devices and gaming consoles on one click. But for those users who do not have Apple TV, the above methods should be helpful.

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