Isounder, Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers For Your Hands-free Music Listening

Isounder, Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers For Your Hands-free Music Listening

Remember that time you had this daunting task you had to complete, but every nerve in your body seemed to itch you against getting it done. In other words the task at hand was dead boring. But then, when you played some music and looked at the task at hand, all of a sudden it wasn’t that boring; as long as you worked on the task in rhythm to the song playing in the background.

This feeling is common when you’re outdoors doing physical activities. Perhaps you want to jog, ride a bike, take a hike, or even work on the farm field. That’s probably why you meet people jogging or riding a bike as an exercise but with an earphone plugged into their ears.

Well, that is one way to go about it. The problem with earphones is that they are wired to your music player (smartphone, iPad, etc.), and these wires have a way of getting in your way. The next best option is going for wireless portable speakers, strong enough to give you rewarding music playback and not loud to become a public nuisance. You could be at a public park, which is not your house for you to play loud music for other people who came to enjoy peacefulness of the park.

In that spirit, we are introducing the Fruit Outdoor Sports series Bluetooth speakers that are specifically designed for outdoor use. You can take your music with you anytime, anywhere and wirelessly; no wires to get in your way.

These speakers are produced by Shenzhen Delique Technology Co., Ltd. More information about them can be found at website.

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