Kanye West Trying To Solicit Cash From Mark Zuckerberg & Larry Page On Twitter

Kanye West Trying To Solicit Cash From Mark Zuckerberg & Larry Page On Twitter

The dust has even settled on the Twitter rant Kanye West made last Friday. On the surface, it looked like he was making an attempt to try to explain his rather too strong lyric on his ‘Famous’ single in The Life of Pablo album, which portrayed Taylor Swift in anything but favorable light.

Monday morning, Yeezy is back at it again, creating much buzz on Twitter. This time, in a fashion some would argue is unbecoming of him. I mean the Kanye West we are used to, does not beg for an audience, he commands it and while at it gets paid for it. Well, this morning West was asking Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg for financial aid.

Never mind that he got Zuckerberg’s birthday all wrong, I believe it is May 14th, not tomorrow February 16th. West took his plea a little further by asking his fans and by extension the rest of the world to help him in getting Zuckerberg to help him.

However, it would be important to note that Kanye West kind of knows Zuckerberg on a somewhat personal level. Back in 2010, West performed at the Facebook offices in California. So don’t think West is becoming that guy who asks things from people he does not personally know.

He also seeks financial help from Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. Some people view West latest rant on Twitter an urgent appeal for help, not as a random suggestion made with swag. Then again, it could be a well-orchestrated gimmick to keep the Yeezy Collection 3 and the drop of LP album still the trending thing on social media; in other words, more marketing gimmick of both his new album and new clothing line.

His ‘bae’ on the other hand also woke up to making some money flow her way, but she was not begging for anything from anyone. Perhaps Mr. West needs some marketing lessons from Mrs. West.

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