Latest Vivaldi browser, version 1.11 allows you to stop GIFs, improved Reader Mode, and adjustable Mouse Gesture sensitivity


The alternative browsers that renegade developers from Opera Software created, Vivaldi, has received yet another update; you may want to consider giving this browser a chance. The latest, Vivaldi version 1.11 comes packed with improved Reader Mode, turning off animated GIFs, and adjustable Mouse Gestures.

Well, the company has also tweaked its logo just a little bit; nothing drastic but enough change to make its logo stand out. Though as a user, I suppose you will be more interested in what the browser is going to do for you, than giving an opinion about their new brand logo.

The new Reader Mode on Vivaldi

You know how you get distracted by a lot of clutter near the content that actually brought you to a particular site in the first place. Well, Vivaldi like numerous browsers out there have a reader mode, which is essentially a technology that strips down content of a web page leaving you with just the text, pictures, and any other multimedia of the content you are interested in.

Vivaldi version 1.11 has upped its Reader Mode game by stripping down web pages of unnecessary content leaving you with a clean book-like reading experience. Version 1.11 now gives you adjustable settings at the top of the page, enabling you decide what type of font, font-size, column wide, and line height you want to read the web page’s content in. You can even decide between a light or a dark background for reading.

Deactivate animated GIF images

Sometimes, especially when you are on a metered connection, every kilobyte of data counts. So you really don’t want some unwarranted GIFs eating up your data plan for things you don’t want to view.

Well, with Vivaldi 1.11, you can deactivate all animated GIFs from automatically playing once a web page loads up.

Control the browser by mousing

That we are an instant fix generation is not doubt. You only need to take a look some of the technologies we keep inventing to accomplish task faster and efficiently. One thing about the majority of modern mainstream browser is that they lack comprehensive keyboard shortcut.

Well, Vivaldi has decided to take the game a notch further, by creating a browser that lets you manipulate it using mouse gestures. While keyboard short cuts would have been heaven sent, with mouse gestures you can do a control the browser using just show gestures.

For more information about the host of new features coming with the Vivaldi version 1.11 browser, click here.

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