Leading African Game Designer Expands Ebola Education through new Mobile Game

Leading African Game Designer Expands Ebola Education through new Mobile Game

First-ever game to raise public awareness on the deadly Ebola virus and its preventive measures now available on Android smart phones.

ChopUp Games, co-founded by TED Fellow Zubair Abubakar and acclaimed game designer Bayo Puddicombe, today released Ebola Strike force, the first local game to raise awareness about the deadly Ebola virus and its preventive measures.

Ebola Strike Force tells the story of research scientists and doctors who discovered that they could develop the cure from a serum, which could only be extracted from patient X with the help of a nanobot. The player takes control of the nanobot and journeys through patient X’s body to extract the serum. The serum is then used to create a vaccine to cure infected people.  In the process the player unlocks health tips that can be used to maintain good hygiene in real life.

Ebola Strike Force represents a new paradigm in mobile gaming, empowering users not only to experience thrilling gameplay, but also to learn about the Ebola virus in an interactive and immersive fashion.

We were inspired to create this game after seeing thousands of precious lives lost innocently and ignorantly around the world as a result of Ebola” said ChopUp Co-founder Zubair Abubakar.

The goal here is basically the same thing that the U.N, W.H.O, our very own EbolaAlert and other organizations are trying to achieve regarding the virus: drive awareness of Ebola and its preventive measures. We are only trying to do this in a more entertaining yet educative way. We have also dedicated this game to Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh and all the people that lost their lives in the battle to keep us Ebola free.

The game can be accessed here.

About ChopUp™

ChopUp™, a division of Pledge51 Ltd, is a leading mobile gaming company in Nigeria developing locally relevant games that tell the African narrative. ChopUp is committed to consistently creating world-class mobile games that are specifically designed with African themes.

Their flagship game series, Danfo, has a growing user base of over 700,000 gamers. In a relatively short period of time, they have been able to establish a clear leadership position in the Nigerian mobile gaming space, winning awards for our groundbreaking work.

Twitter: @Chop_Up
Facebook: /ChopUpCommunity
Instagram: @chopup_games

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