Lowe’s Goes 3D: Transforming The In-Store Experience

Featured at the Exponential Finance  (presented by Singularity University & CNBC) event June 10-11, Lowe’s revealed a virtual reality customer experience for the home improvement market dubbed Holoroom. Realizing that technology is here, and is big, retailers such as Home Depot, Urban Outfitters and many others seek to immerse the retail market with technological advancement.

Photo Credit: SciFutures

Lowe’s new feature hopes to bring customers out of their home and into the stores through interaction, refacing the idea of technology as dehumanizing. According to CNBC’s recent report, Lowe’s 3D experience will enable customers to preview renovations by building a 30-by-30 virtual reality room.

According to Scott Susskind, Partner/CTO of SciFutures, the co-creators of the Holoroom, “customers can use in store assigned iPads, along with the assistance of in-store associates, to receive help (for non-techies), tips, and ideas. So not only are customers interacting with technology, they are receiving one-on-one help. In this case, technology no longer serves as a boundary between customers and real-time help—it bridges the gap between non-communication and the customer experience”.

Photo Credit: SciFutures

Additionally, before committing to a project and spending money, customers can receive a realistic visual of how things will look, determine possible setbacks and ultimately decide if they want to move forward with their renovation. To Lowe’s, the idea is to get customers confident about goals and any upcoming projects.

Similar to the VOSMAP experience, Lowe’s, and plenty other retailers, intend to keep their customers through the idea of “previewing.” This is a great way to decrease returned products or unsatisfied customers. With the new preview experience, customers enjoy the freedom of choice when it comes to commitment, and a genuine customer experience.

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