Luka: Best Foodie App That Recommends Restaurants Using Artificial Intelligence

Luka: Best Foodie App That Recommends Restaurants Using Artificial Intelligence

Food and eating related apps are abundant in the market. You can search for the best places to eat directly from your phone. Services like Yelp are there to quickly check out the reviews and decide where to go. But we often face the situation when we have to call our friend or family member to ask for a recommendation. We can’t eat at the best place in town and Yelp rated restaurants daily as our taste buds want diversity.

1,000 Plateaus, a company in the US has made an app called Luka which is based on a great idea. Whenever you are hungry and in need of a recommendation according to your needs and event, simply ask Luka a question and the virtual assistant food app will throw back one reply which it thinks most suitable to your preferences.

So for example, you could ask Luka ‘which is the best place for coffee nearby’, or ‘is there any place to eat Soma out there?. The app is based on smart AI based algorithms. You will not have to manually search and ask people about where you should go to eat.

Luka is like Siri, but Luka works on text-based messages. Luka co-founder Eugenia Kuyda claims that Luka beats Siri in intelligence. Siri cannot get back to the previous conversations and cannot process connected sentences. Luka, on the other hand, remembers the information being communicated to refine its contextual algorithmic data. So you can throw your thoughts randomly at Luka and it will come back with an answer. If you don’t like Luka’s recommendation, you can ask your question in a different way, elaborating what you want in food or ambiance and Luka will try to help you further.

Idea about AI-based food and restaurant recommendation app propped up when its founding company was approached for a textual interface app for a Russian bank. The project was dropped later on by the client, but the developers of the system thought they could turn it into a smart app which could talk to people about restaurants.

Luka books tables for you, gives you map of the places and all the information you need.

The app is available in San Francisco only, but the company is planning to launch it in the New York and beyond very soon.

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