Marvel Converts Your Innovative App Ideas into Working Prototypes

Marvel Converts Your Innovative App Ideas into Working Prototypes

After spending some time using apps on Android and iOS, a time will come when you will start thinking about designing your own app. You will develop some ideas and then will try to create a rough sketch of it as the first step. In a short time, you will be able to create the wireframe diagram using the services of some experienced developer. Your wireframe will be the raw product that should be converted to the prototype for better understanding of the people. “Marvel Turn Sketches Into Prototypes” serves the purpose you are looking for. It lets you add hotspots to the photos and sketches of the app that you have created. The hotspot will link to the other screens or sketches that you have designed. When your sketches are linked, you can run them on your iPhone to see the result. You can easily create projects for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPad. The app requires you to sign in for an account or you may alternately use Dropbox to sign up.

Run the app login. Create and name of your first project, and choose the device for which you are creating the app.


You can easily add photos from the roll of your camera. You may also take photos from within the app. You need to resize the picture in the given area after snapping it. In order to add more photos, you need to click the green check button to come back to your project, and add hotspots.

 If you sign in to Marvel using Dropbox, all your photos in your drive will be synced. You need to tap the image to open it and then hit the hotspot button at the right corner. You need to move around your hotspot, and resize it to fit your picture. Once hotspot is replaced, two options will show up: Link to and Remove. You need tap Link to and it will open all other pictures in project that you are currently running. You need to hit the one that you want to link the action of the button. Once you have added all the available hotspots required for the first photo, you may use the navigation buttons at the bottom to move on to the next photo.


You need to continue adding the hotspots to all your sketches and when you are finished, hit Preview. You can easily exit the preview by hitting the volume control buttons. The preview shows the sketches that you added. For more information on the developers of this awesome app, click here.

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