Microsoft Holds 91% Market Share In Desktop Space, Windows 7 Still The Most Preferred OS (60%)

Microsoft Holds 91% Market Share In Desktop Space, Windows 7 Still The Most Preferred OS (60%)

This is the month Microsoft is said to release the full package of its latest Windows operating system to the end users. As we wait for July 29th, 2015, to upgrade to Windows 10. Here are some few stats you should know about the Microsoft’s Windows operating system current standing in the Desktop space against its competitors.

As far as desktop computing goes, Microsoft takes an enormous lion share with about 90.85 percent of desktop computers running on Windows operating system. It followed from a far distance by Apple with its Mac OS X coming it with a desktop market share of only 7.54 percent. The remaining market (1.61 percent) share goes to the different versions of Linux operating system.

In terms of which Windows operating system is the most popular. Windows 7 remains the most popular operating system from Microsoft. As cited by WinBeta, who obtained this data from NetMarketShare. As of June 2015, Windows 7 claimed 60.98 percent of PCs running Windows. This figure is actually an increase from May 2015 figure of 57.76 percent.

The latest and perhaps the not-so-much-successful Windows from Microsoft, Windows 8.1 only commands 13.13 percent of the Windows market share. It has marginally increased from its May standing of 12.88 percent. The almost 14 years old Windows XP, which no longer receives Microsoft support, gives Windows 8.1 a run for its money with its market share standing at 11.98 percent. It has fallen from 14.6 percent in the month of May.

You might want to know, that despite the fact that Microsoft discontinued updates for the Windows XP. The Redmond Company entered into a $9.1 million contract with the US Navy, to keep sending exclusive Windows XP support to the Navy’s computers, which still run on the now antique operating system. This support includes updates for Windows XP, Office, and Exchange 2003.

You might be surprised by this, but Windows 10 (0.16%) actually does show up on the charts on Windows usage rankings. Despite the fact that Windows 10 has not been released yet, it has quite a considerable number of users running the Windows 10 Preview under the Microsoft’s Insider Program.

Only time will tell if Microsoft will be able to outdo its greatest success with the Windows 7, with the upcoming Windows 10. The upcoming Windows 10 is touted to be a hybrid of both Windows 7 and the not-so-successful Windows 8. The company hopes to gain the confidence users have in Windows 7 and the some of the much-appreciated features on Windows 8 and merge them together in Windows 10. This way, the company hopes to win over the many Windows 7 users and also the Windows 8 users to the new upcoming Windows 10.

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