Microsoft Office 2019 will be only available on Windows 10

microsoft office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019, the next version of the Microsoft Office suite will start shipping in the second half of 2018 and will preview will be within the Q2 of his year.

That should be good news for all users who rely on the Microsoft Office suite for their word processing, numbers crunching, and photos editing among other uses. The Office 2019 is going to be different compared to its early predecessors.

It will be available exclusively on Windows 10. What a disappointment, right? Well, Jared Spataro, the General Manager for Office made the announcement that Office 2019 and its servicing and support will only be available on Windows 10.

The new office suite will be supported on a limited number of Windows client and server OS versions. To be precise, Office 2019 will only be supported in the systems bellows:

Windows 10 Enterprise Long Term Servicing Channel 2018

Any supported Windows 10 SAC (Semi-Annual Channel) release

The next Long Term Servicing Channel release of Windows Server

It is not quite clear if Office 2019 will be available to Windows 8 or 7 and older versions.

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