MonBaby – The Smart Button Baby Monitor now on Kickstarter

MonBaby – The Smart Button Baby Monitor now on Kickstarter

MonBaby – The Smart Button Baby Monitor now on Kickstarter

For first-time parents, the anxiety and worry you get over your newborn baby can be overwhelming, especially when you are far from him/her. You don’t get enough sleep, you are always on the edge, you keep tip-toeing back and forth to the baby’s room just to check if s/he is alright; while you are at it, you end up accidentally waking up the baby. This also applies to the experienced parents, albeit they’ve learned to deal with it a little bit better.

This is not only exhausting and bad for the well-being of you and the baby. It is also now unnecessary with the advent of the MonBaby monitor. This is a small wireless wearable device that can be strapped onto your baby’s clothing, just as you would a normal button. The device monitors the baby’s breathing, movements and sleeping position and transmits all the vital signs and important alerts to your smartphone.

Now you can check on your baby from any part of your house within the range of the MonBaby from your smartphone. By just looking at phone’s screen, you can rest assured that your baby is okay, and count on the alarm to be raised should anything wrong be happening to your baby. Giving you, your peace of mind and avoid being anxious and disturbing the baby with your tip-toeing back and forth to the sleeping baby’s room to check up him/her.

Unlike other baby monitors, MonBaby can be said to be more proactive. It gives you real-time notifications on the baby’s breathing, movements and sleep by directly transmitting five stats on your baby’s condition every second via the MonBaby app (runs on Android and iOS).

The app also allows you to choose which type of notifications you would like to receive. For instance, you can choose the MonBaby app to give you alerts every time the baby rolls onto his/her stomach so that you can react swiftly. You can also set up alerts to notify you of the baby’s breathing rate and movements among other vital conditions you should be concerned about.

MonBaby gives the advantages of being a wireless device unlike other baby monitors fitted with cord that present strangulation hazard to your baby. It is powered by a 3V coin-cell CR2031 battery that can last up to 5 weeks when it active use and about a year when in passive use. The MonBaby device works within a radius of 50-200 feet, depending on the room’s interference.

This device is the brainchild of MonDevices; a team of techies, engineers and data analyst who work hard to bring you innovative wearable technologies. They are currently running a funding campaign for the MonBaby device on Kickstarter and would like your support to achieve their goal of launching the product into the market.

For more details about the MonBaby monitor, and to give your support on for MonBay on Kickstarter, follow this link.

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