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Top Dropbox Alternatives for Linux

Top Dropbox Alternatives for Linux

You will find plenty of personal cloud storage services these days. The most popular of them is Dropbox. It allows you to store and sync data between various devices. However, some people are not comfortable using Dropbox. Unfortunately, Dropbox is not available for Linux and you will have to search for some good Dropbox alternates for Linux host. This article will review some of the best Dropbox alternatives for Linux.


It is basically a self-proclaimed “privacy company” that offers you 50GB of free storage space, just for registering. Along with the space, you also get the 10GB of free bandwidth. Your data is secure while being transmitted since it is encrypted. Overall, it is a wonderful service. However, it may use a lot of system resources. The support for Linux is quite new. It supports only a few distributions which include Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE. It is the perfect solution if you desire privacy, with the idea of cloud storage.


It provides great Linux support, particularly for Fedora, Ubuntu/Debian, and Slackware. It only provides 2GB of free storage, but makes up for it with a great Linux client. The service also touts Hive which is quite similar to that of the Dropbox folder feature. SpiderOak gives high preference to your privacy. It is a wonderful option for those who love to have confidentiality.


It is a good cloud storage service, but with the limited support for Linux. Currently, pCloud supports Ubuntu binaries. On the positive side of the picture, pCloud offers awesome Ubuntu client. It is quite well designed and also works well with the overall system. It is a handy cloud storage service for Ubuntu users.


It is perceivably the most similar cloud storage service to Dropbox. You will have a folder similar to that for the Dropbox. It also has a wonderful support for Linux since the software doesn’t distribute the binaries; only the .tar. gz file. You just need to extract and run the tool. It comes with the 15GB of storage space, which is quite competitive. It is a wonderful choice if you want a replica of Dropbox.


It is a decent cloud storage service with the limited support for Linux. The client officially supports Debian, Mint/Ubuntu, and the Fedora distributions. With the free account, you will get the 20GB of free storage, which would be sufficient for most of the people. It takes a different approach towards the cloud storage. Instead of syncing the data, it acts as an external hard drive. In very much the similar way as Mega, the Bitcasa encrypts your files before they are uploaded for the maximum privacy. It is perhaps the best solution for ensuring the privacy of your data.


After considering the top five cloud storage services for Linux, you would have figured out the Dropbox alternatives. You can not only sync your data securely, but also access it very easily whenever you like.

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