The Most Famous Memes of 2018

The social media is thriving to grow as it is encompassed by more and more people who spend a lot of time online, so do the memes that spread across these platforms. They mostly grow and multiply around holiday season. Here are some of the most famous memes of 2018 we have enjoyed so far.

New Year, New Me

2018 kicked off with a weird start to the year with the famous meme ‘New Year, New Me’ as people tried to set their resolutions.

Tide Pods

Teenagers started posting videos while taking chomps from the vibrant little detergent packets. The dumbest yet most famous meme of 2018.

Google Arts and Culture Selfies

Google added a selfie feature on its Arts and Culture App which used facial recognition technology to match your face with a related looking one in a well-known portrait hanging somewhere in a museum. People tried to enjoy this thing to the fullest which made this the most famous meme of 2018.


The #Girther Movement

This most famous meme of 2018 introduced by Mr. Hayes who created the term #girther for ‘those who believe the president weighs more than his doctor reports’.

Gru’s Plan

The steal-the-moon plan presented by Despicable Me’s Gru ended up with him sitting on the toilet; a development he had not expected. He tries to make a good plan which ends up not so great.

Old Snapchat vs New Snapchat

You all know how this most famous meme of 2018 goes: good vs evil, winner vs loser and the old Snapchat vs the new Snapchat.

American Chopper Argument

There was a program titled ‘American Chopper’ in which a tough set of man built bikes. Now, this heated scene, in which Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Tuetul Sr. argue with words and then chairs, from the show is back as a template for dramatizing new arguments. The intensity of this most famous meme of 2018 is very, very good.

SpongeBob NoPants

SpongeBob in season 1 episode ‘Nature Pants’ dumped his bottoms to live free as a jellyfish. This disappoints Patrick which leads to a cat-and-mouse chase. Now, SpongeBob’s tiredness from the instant continues as a way to express your own exhaustion like paying dues for your expensive things or putting on a fitted sheet all by yourself.

Rihanna’s Body Lava

The singer Rihanna promoted her new body lava by posting a video in which she is applying it. People started considering it as a challenge and grabbed whatever they could – mop, detergents, boot – and did their best to out-apply her. Her promotion turned into a challenge and made it one of the famous meme of 2018.

Mark Zuckerberg

We got to see the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bear witness in front of Congress about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This event got meme-hit by given him the name Zucc like Zucc not protect or Zucc not attac.

The Super Bowl Selfie Kid

During the Super Bowl half show, Justin Timberlake stopped to take a selfie with the young kid and within no time the ‘selfie kid’ became a meme sensation.

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