Mr. Silent Automatically Enables Location and Time Based Silent Mode on Android Smartphones

Enable Location and Time Based Silent Mode on Android Smartphones

Most of the people make their smartphones silent on specific places and during certain time intervals. For example, when you are at workplace or attending a meeting, you will put your smartphone either on vibrate or completely silent mode. What if you forget to make your cell phone silent and it rings up loud during an official meeting? Mr. Silent app will enable silent mode automatically based on location and time.

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Mr. Silent is a free app, available from Google Play Store. It saves you from getting disturbed and irritating others from loud ringtone on specific occasions. You just need to provide certain conditions: occasions, time, and geographical locations when you would desire to make your mobile silent.

Features of Mr. Silent

Time-based Conditions

You can specify the time interval in which you want your mobile to go silent. It can be applied on daily, weekly, or monthly, including customized options.

Calendar Event Based Conditions

You can easily add date and time on calendar events that are vital for you and you desire to make your mobile silent on them.

Contact Type Based Conditions

You can sort out your contact list into “Black List” and “White List”. You can blacklist the contacts you want to avoid. Your phone will ring only when people from White List call you.

Location Based Conditions

You can specify multiple locations where you like to make your mobile silent. You can also customize the locations.

Some other notable features of Mr. Silent are:

  • Support for Multiple Geo Location
  • Users can assign radius for locations
  • Options to change the locations
  • Gives you alerts to make your mobile silent when either time or event conditions are met
  • Quickly add and remove contacts and add calendar events
  • Customize application settings
  • Attractive dashboard for viewing the predefined event, time, and contact lists and geographical location

There are some negative aspects of the app also. You cannot change the default theme color set by developer. It needs a module status overview in the app dashboard. However, the features easily mask the cons of the app.

Overall, Mr. Silent saves you from remembering each and every occasion and time duration in which you have to make your phone silent. It will simply enable silent mode automatically based on location and time.


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