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#OccupyPlayGround: Kenya Antiriot Police Fired Tear Gas At Schoolchildren Protesting After Playground Grabbing By Politician

#OccupyPlayGround: Kenya Antiriot Police Fired Tear Gas At Schoolchildren Protesting After Playground Grabbing By Politician

January 19th, 2015, marked the day when public school teachers went back to schools after two weeks of strike demanding for a pay rise. While pupils in public schools across the country were compensating for the lost learning time. Langata Road Primary School pupils in Nairobi were on the front line of protesters trying to seize back their school playground that has been allegedly grabbed by a local powerful politician in government.

Last week, Eliud Owalo, a local politician from the opposition,  said, the playground had been grabbed by the politician in order to build a parking lot for his hotel that happens to be adjacent to the school. The protest’s organizers also said the playground has been under the school’s ownership since 1972. The “group of professional land grabbers’

linked to a senior politician, began fencing off the playground over the Christmas holiday.

As cited in the Daily Mail, the activists in a statement said:

Langata Road Primary School playground has been grabbed by a group of known professional land grabbers acting on behalf of a very senior politician in the (ruling coalition) Jubilee government.”

The protest has gone digital to social media and is currently trending in Kenya under the hashtag; OccupyPlayGround.

The following is a snippet of some of the comments being made on Twitter:

To read more on this, follow the #OccupyPlayGround on social media.

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