Oh Boy, just about any Website or Ad can crash Windows 7 PCs

windows 7

There is an old bug that has been re-discovered, and it is causing havoc to potentially any Windows PC running OSes earlier than the Windows 10.

The old bug can bring your PC to its knees when you visit malicious websites, click links on emails, or just load any ads from an otherwise safe website. As it works, the bug exploits the weakness in how the NTFS driver handles the special file naming system; in this case, the $MF name, one of the special metadata files that the Windows’ NTFS filesystem uses.

This file is usually hidden away from the users and other software. However, it looks like if it is part of the directory named ‘c:\#MFT\123’ Windows automatically locks the file, never to release it again. That causes part of the Windows systems files to be inaccessible, and the user gets the blue screen followed by force reboot of their PC.

This problem can also be caused locally. Unfortunately, it can also be caused remotely with a malicious intent if the $MFT is used in an URL. Although some browsers do block malformed URL automatically, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) seems all too happy to serve them to your PC.

That said, you should avoid using IE, not even Microsoft promotes the use of that old browser anymore. So try at all cost not to use it, since if Microsoft is no longer promoting it could also mean they no longer issue out security patches. That aside, Microsoft has gotten knowledge of this insecurity problem with the IE, and are said to be working on a patch to fix the problem.

Nonetheless, you should always ensure your PC is set to receive updates from Microsoft automatically. These updates could mean the difference between your PC being brought down to its knees, your online accounts hacked, and you staying safe online as you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a normally working machine.

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