OneOne: Anonymous Snapchat Like App for CEOs and Business Community For Sensitive Conversations

OneOne: Anonymous Snapchat Like App for CEOs and Business Community For Sensitive Conversations

If you belong to the community of business elite, then you must try a newly launched anonymous messaging app for iOS and Android, called as “OneOne”. An Irish entrepreneur has developed this novel app that destructs messages after a day. This app doesn’t allow third parties to trace the origin of messages.

OneOne is referred to as the highly secure version of the Snapchat. You cannot track or store messages exchanged via this app. This app has been launched just over a week ago. The professional entrepreneurs have become skeptical about how various social media websites and messaging apps are storing data of users. The situation could be vulnerable for them as the data could be easily accessed by the hackers.

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Recently, in October, a huge number of images from Snapchat were uploaded on the internet after a third-party internet app was hacked. Snapchat destructs the images after 10 seconds, and even this feature couldn’t resist the hacking attempt.

The founder of OneOne app claims that his app makes people simply untraceable apart from making them secure in their conversations and sharing various stuff. Most of the people talk about anonymity, but aren’t certain about its real significance or implementation. Traceability is an advanced concept as compared to security of conversation. When you are talking to someone anonymously, the other person can still trace you to your device. OneOne makes sure that the person, on the other side of conversation, cannot trace you with your messages.

OneOne is designed for executive business community, doctors, and lawyers. The professionals of these fields could easily send sensitive documents to each other using OneOne. These people will be early adopters of the app. The feedback from a couple of CEOs indicates that this app certainly helps people in ensuring the required privacy of their conversation.

When you are having a conversation using OneOne, the third parties cannot enter in the conversation using the link. The message chain can be deleted at anytime you desire.

In short, the main focus of OneOne is to ensure that the message cannot be traced back to the sender by hackers. OneOne ensures secure communication in its own innovative manner.

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