Opera 43 claims to have pushed Web Page Loading Time to its limits

Opera Software claims to have released the fastest version of its browser, the Opera 43. The company claims they have done some minor tweaks that will increase the page load time significantly.

Opera Software says that already with the introduction of features like native ad-blocker, page-load speed optimization and a faster startup. The Opera browser is a fast browser, and now they have pushed its speeds to the limit by putting a new feature the Profile Guided Optimization (PGO). This PGO feature, the company claims will make your browsing experience on Opera 43 much faster.

The only way to know for sure if Opera Software claims hold any water is by trying the latest version of the browser, the Opera 43.

Web Contents are getting heavier; Speed makes the difference to most users

To improve our browsing experience, web contents are getting heavier and heavier by the day. That also means they are taking up more bandwidth and users on slow networks are becoming more frustrated by the day.

For users, the choice of browser is very important as it could mean what level of frustration you will be under while browsing, especially if you are on a slow network. With Opera 43, Opera Software claims things are about to get a whole lot more snappy.

How instant page loads on Opera 43

The instant page loading technology predicts the sites whose address you are typing and once it recognizes the site. It begins loading the site in the background before you even hit the enter key. As you continue using the browser, instant page loading becomes even smarter as it learns the types of URL you input most.

Profile Guided Optimization (PG) for Windows

Opera has also added a new performance enhancement feature, Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) for Windows. PGO is a compiler that makes software running on Windows PC run significantly faster. As a compiler, PGO can be taught what scenario Opera browser is performing, so that it can run tasks faster while using less CPU.

PGO optimizes parts of the browser, bringing significant speed improvements. Opera says with PGO their browser is 13% faster, and the browser engine has gotten some performance boost. Opera Software gave several benchmark test to verify their claims; Speedometer (60.3% improvement over Opera 42), JetStream (7.7%), and Octane (3.35%).

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