Paper: The Best Facebook App Ever Released for iPhone

Paper: The Best Facebook App Ever Released for iPhone

Could it be the best app available on Facebook could actually be made by Facebook itself? Well it pretty much promises to be the best and Mark Zuckerberg finally seems to have achieved the seemingly impossible by creating the Facebook app that everyone actually wanted.

The difference is felt immediately after you have opened the app. You’ll see the shining paper logo in ultra-light opposite to the bold white logo that the Facebook users have come to experience on a daily basis.  The difference this app will make is huge because Facebook has been around for a decade with 1.25 billion users, but the users and the pundits have questioned the popular social networking site. Facebook isn’t cool or new, as a matter of fact, it has been pretty normal without too many changes taking place. The company’s innovation policy has slowed down in the recent years. That’s where the Paper App helps step Facebook up.


The making

Paper is developed by creative labs within Facebook and it was designed by Mike Matas who designed the first iPhone’s interface. Paper was initially conceived to give the Facebook a better look overall. Normal newsfeed  in Facebook was abandoned in favor of a multifaceted newsfeed. This newsfeed is a fresh and creative looking in every way. Every other section is a mix of popular and recent newsfeed that is edited and controlled by a powerful team dedicated to it. You will find posts from The Times, New York Post and many other popular places. Curating your newsfeed is as good as it gets with you being able to demote your friends, highlight popular posts in the form of a trending section and with a quick click and drag, you can arrange so that the headlines show first.

Bigger than your friends

Facebook has finally realized that the whole concept of social networking is bigger than the small world of your friends. It encompasses a whole lot of your interests. With Facebook, you get information and media that is related to that section and thus keeps you fully engaged instead of you browsing your newsfeed for the umpteenth time for interesting posts and other things. Paper is viewed as a news reading app but Facebook wants to test the uncharted waters with this app.


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